There are so many things to consider when relocating. In itself, it is already a very complicated procedure, thus any confusion, along with erroneous information combined with a very intense work schedule, can make moving a real nightmare for the worker, his/her family and the company.

Relying on an expert in the sector and, therefore, a recognized relocation company, allows the relocating employees to concentrate on new job challenges and the experts to assist them in the best way possible, allowing them to enjoy their new reality.

With our experience and deep knowledge with regard to this particular sector, we take care of all our client’s needs and requests, providing assistance for the entire duration of the transfer: from the pre-departure phase, to the arrival, the orientation tour, the home search, the choice of international school, followed by further assistance in negotiating the home lease contract, the activation of the utilities and, finally, assistance during the departure phase at the end of the work post once the time has come to return home.

The services are “tailor-made” according to the individual needs of each client. For a relocation to be successful, even the smallest of details must not be overlooked.

Together with relocation – and just as important – there is also immigration; namely, making sure that the legal alien status within the host country of the employee and his/her family is completely in order. Assistance can range from a visa request, to a work permit, a residence permit, notarized documents, obtaining certificates, obtaining a tax code and much more.

Relying on a qualified relocation company means having the certainty that, in addition to having an employee who will be pleased and satisfied with his/her new reality, the legal status of said employee and his/her family will be in order in accordance with the current Italian legislation.z

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