AIR, the Italian Relocation Association, is the Italian association of Relocation professionals

AIR promotes the heightening of the profession in Italy through awareness-raising actions aimed at businesses, public opinion, the media, authorities and national institutions, involving all the Global Mobility actors.

AIR plays a decisive role for the evolution of the legislative frameworks concerning the profession of Relocation through lobbying activities directed at the decision-making entities.

AIR contributes, through its international connections, to the dialogue regarding the growth of the profession on a global level.

AIR, through its network, guarantees its members a direct contact with top Relocation & Immigration experts that can provide updated information in all areas of interest, promoting the exchange of information and opinions relating to legislation, practices and responsibilities concerning the exercise of the profession.

AIR represents a unique opportunity for networking development.


In particular, the association aims to:

A) Promote and develop information and training activities in the field of relocation and immigration.

B) Directly organize cultural events, or collaborate with third parties for their realization.

C) Promote educational activities for research, updating and improvement in the Global Mobility context.

D) Study, promote and develop new methodologies to improve the organisation and communication with the competent 

Authorities (Ministries, One Stop Shops, Police Headquarters, etc.) in the context of immigration practices.

E) Organize training and professional qualification courses, both in the context of relocation and immigration.

F) Increase the consideration towards the profession of consultants in the field of relocation and immigration among Human Resources and Global Mobility staff.

G) Create recreational/cultural activities and events for the entrepreneurial/corporate world and HR e-business in Global Mobility in order to promote the sector.