Italian Relocation Association

Italian Relocation Association


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AIR, Associazione Italiana Relocation (Italian Relocation Association), represents the most important relocation companies in Italy. Its purpose is to give visibility to the professionalism and needs of those who deal with Global and Corporate Mobility throughout legislative entities, the mass media and public opinion.

AIR, through training and communication, promotes the improvement of the performance sector.

In a globalized world, companies must act in a coordinated way from wherever they operate. International expansion is a strategic objective, which in many cases is achieved through the relocation of a manager or employee to a foreign location office, so that his/her skills can contribute to the company’s growth.

Managing the relocation of an employee, who will thus become an Expatriate (Expat), involves dealing with very particular practical and bureaucratic aspects, which usually require the assistance of specialized consultants who deal exclusively with Relocation.


Moving abroad also requires complying with the immigration laws of the host country. Hence, Relocation is tightly linked to Immigration, a very large field that concerns the right to immigration and citizenship for the issuance of residence permits, work permits and any other required permits.


Choosing one of the AIR member companies means relying on experts able to solve every aspect related to personnel transfers and global mobility in general, guaranteeing high quality standards of the services provided, especially in compliance with local laws and in full transparency.

• • • • • • • • • Our mission

AIR, the Italian Relocation Association, is the Italian association of Relocation professionals.

Svolge un ruolo decisivo per l’evoluzione dei quadri legislativi riguardanti la professione di Relocation attraverso attività di lobby rivolte gli organi decisionali.


• • • • • • • • • The founders

AIR was born from the association of major Italian Relocation professionals.


• • • • • • • • • Membership

AIR membership numbers are unlimited.


All the companies that make up AIR’s Association Council are EuRA members